Remodeling A House To Make It Eco Friendly

Living in an eco friendly house is a way for house owners to practice what they preach, so how does one go about turning their houses into an organic/ green house? The first thing is to find the right design for the house they house can be remodeled in a way where there is now a storage room that is all eco friendly or the house can be built where new equipment can be added for the house to be eco friendly. The individual should then hire an expert who can help to plan and guide the process this individual should have vast knowledge of how to build and remodel green houses, they person does not necessarily have to be an architect, they can be a consultant who have enough information on eco friendly environment issues.

Before the remodeling starts they home owner should think about that they will be doing with the demolished materials and other household items, will they throw it out, sell them or destroy them. The energy that should be used should be natural energy, eco friendly energy such as solar energy, this type of energy is more beneficial to the environment than the ones that are currently being used now. Using an efficient energy saving light bulb does the trick as well, they consume less energy than regular bulbs, solar panels should be installed in the house as well, if can be used to carry out a number of important things in the house, the solar panel can be use to heat water, they can be used to charge batteries a well providing clean pure energy. Browse more at building plans in Adelaide.

The materials used should be green this is use cloth instead of plastic, wood instead of metals, all these are small changes but have very huge impact on the society. Other ways to change the house to make it even more eco friendly is to use little or no paint on the house the paints releases toxic which is very harmful for the environment, hence the negative effect. The wood that is used in the house should be bamboo they are more environmentally friendly than hard wood. The use of microwave in the house should be very minimal this is because it is not ideal to consume food that has been heated in the microwave, instead of using plastic bottles and cups they should be replace by water filters, water filters has a lower risk on the environment than plastic does. In order to turn the entire house green what the home owner should try to do is to try to green each area of the house separately that way the task will be carried out more efficiently, Check house renovations in Adelaide to get estimates.

The owner should put in formaldehyde free cabinetry to avoid releasing environmental toxins; they should also install beautiful alternatives to shiny granite. When it comes to the bathroom the toilets should be replaced with low flow models this type uses less energy than the normal ones. There are now see through bath tubs made from eco friendly materials they are ideal for house that are going green. Some people if they want to go the extra mile may choose to only buy organic food when they are buying food for the house, the organic food is better for people’s health and the proper use of it can be very beneficial, it is only right to eat green food when living in a green house or hence the purpose of remodeling the house would be defeated to some extent.