Starting A Business Selling Inexpensive And Mobile Housing

It is a sad fact that with the rising cost of living, most people cannot afford to buy their own homes anymore. In the past, a young person could afford to buy a home at a very young age, a few years after they had started working whereas today many people even in there fifties cannot afford to buy a home even on an installment basis and therefore are always looking for a better and less expensive options in terms of housing because house rental can be very expensive.

Mobile housing solutionsOne new trend that is slowly becoming popular is housing made out of old containers that have been repurposed. This mobile house does not only cost a very small amount of money but they are also recycling old containers that may have been disposed of, if they had not being turned into houses. There is a great business opportunity for you to begin recycling and up cycling these containers and selling them to people who are looking to buy a new home. You will however need to purchase a number of these containers and a tandem dual axle trailer that you can use to transport these mobile homes to the land where your customer wants the house to be placed. They may place them either on a piece of land that they own or even at the home of their parents’ house until they are able to buy a piece of land of their own.

You will need to begin by drawing up business plan for your new company complete with solid budget for how much you are willing to spend on your new company based on the savings that you already have saved up. If you find that you are unable to afford to buy a tandem dual axle trailer you might even consider hiring one during the first few months of your business where you will be able to charge to transport to your client directly. You will need to hire a number of staff who will be able to work their magic and convert the old container in a beautiful little house. There are many you tube videos and other articles online which will show you methods on how this can be done and many success stories of families who have managed to convert their own containers in to their own homes. It would be useful for you to begin by looking through the articles online about the container homes that have been made thus far before you begin.