Ways To Stop Teen Drinking

If you have gone through a fatal accident, losing a loved one or any other unpleasant experience that you need to forget, you will most probably try drinking. Sometimes, you may experience nightmares due to such incidents and you consume alcohol for better sleep. Long term consumption can bring immensely negative health effects.Teen drinking has become a major problem around the world at present. Teens are easy targets for drug dealers since they are curious to learn and experience new things. Teens are under the misconception that drinking is the new trend and often drink to try to fit into social groups. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that your young children do not befriend the wrong people and fall into trouble. So here are some ways you can prevent such teen drinking.

  • Wake up
    You should never be under the impression that your child has no way of getting his hands on a bottle of Glenfiddich 12. Children go through rebellious stages in their teens which compel them to explore new things, and alcohol is the easiest. They are not as expensive as drugs and can be obtained easily. So, pay attention to his behaviour if it seems shady. If you notice moodiness, unnecessary violence, excessive sleepiness, problems in school etc. you surely need to pay attention to his whereabouts and who he is associating with.
    • Set rules
      It is more likely that your kids will not drink if you don’t, so maintain that rule for everyone. They will grow up watching you so setting an example is key. If you do drink, first you need to control your intake so that they too learn the limits. Some experts believe that inculcating a strict ‘no drinking’ policy from younger days itself, works well. However, sometimes it may backfire. Kids tend to go haywire at the absence of parents; maybe when they go off to college and hide their alcohol consumption due to the fear of parents. You should build a friendly relationship with your child so that he will not be afraid to talk to you even if he did drink and fall into trouble. Parents who think that drinking up to a limit is okay, can sit together with their kids and enjoy a bottle of https://www.nicks.com.au/store/spirits-liqueurs/gin.
      • Be firm about drinking and driving
        The idea of drinking and driving is ‘cool’ should be strictly taken out of their minds. Most accidents happen due to underage intoxicated drivers and its consequences are irreversible. So, warn your children and talk about the effects of it. Let them know that you are always available to help so tell them to not hesitate to call you at any time for a ride back home from a party, even if they are drunk. The fear of strict parents always influence kids to make bad decisions so you need to be firm yet supportive.wine-drinks-buy